3D CAD software for work preparation 

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ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim is a versatile 3D modeling application that provides efficient solutions for common modeling tasks. Based on direct modeling technology, Discovery SpaceClaim eliminates geometry problems associated with various 3D CAD operations, such as design or concept modeling, repair of translated CAD files, and complete model editing. With the premise of ease of use and simplicity, you will find Discovery SpaceClaim extremely valuable in addressing small to large modeling Problems.

The perfect tool for fixture plans

With ANSYS SpaceClaim you get the perfect tool to plan and construct your fixtures and create drawing derivatives. The data is associative to SprutCAM. Changes to the fixture can have an impact throughout the CAM system. From simple fixture plans to complete fixtures with a wide variety of parts and assemblies, SpaceClaim is the best tool for you.

SpaceClaim’s unique user interface, modeling technology, and versatile toolsets allow you to easily create and modify geometries without the complexity of traditional CAD systems. When working with existing CAD models, you can disable and simplify geometry with automated, easy-to-learn tools. Discovery SpaceClaim is ideal for engineers and work planners who don’t have time for heavy CAD tools, but want and need fast 3D answers.


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