2.5D Fräsbearbeitung

2.5D milling machining 

CAD CAM Sprutcam – Open pockets

Open pockets are automatically detected by the system. Entry strategies that are outside the workpiece or pocket are automatically selected.

CAD CAM Sprutcam – Contour milling

Milling of open and closed geometries directly on the 3D body, or on the detached geometry. Radius correction can be selected arbitrarily.

E:Deburring/ chamfer milling:

In Sprutcam you can click directly on the working surface or the boundary curve of the bevel to be machined. The software automatically calculates the offset contour.

Contour-parallel pocket machining:

With contour-parallel pocket machining, pockets are milled parallel to the specified contour. Even with this method, an endless number of pockets can be machined .

Parallel pocket machining:

With this function, any pockets can be machined X-parallel. The angle can be entered. Endlessly many pockets are recognized.

Automatic drill recognition:

Detection of holes with diameter and depth. Sprutcam automatically suggests tools for machining. Tapping, drilling, deep hole drilling, threading, reaming, etc.

Thread milling:

Creating thread milling processes. You can store any processes for threads in a library to access the functions at any time..

Engraving and pointing:

Functions for engraving any text and shape. The function supports the outlining of contours. This ensures that the contour is maintained even with sharp-edged areas.

Manual contour milling::

The user can activate manual contour milling at any time. The starting point, end point and direction can be defined dynamically.

Chamfers in obstacle areas:

During chamfering as well as any other function, the software detects obstacles and avoids collisions. This provides an optimal way to chamfer critical areas.

Residual material milling:

At any time the user has the possibility to use the dynamic residual material detection. Sprutcam automatically detects residual areas and cuts them…

Optimized drill detection:

The automatic drill recognition automatically optimizes the traverse paths for different drill planes and different blank contours…