3D Fräsbearbeitung

3D milling machining 

Area milling:

In the 3D range, as in the 2D milling area, a boundary area can be defined. In this case, Sprutcam works exclusively in this area. 

Z-constant scrubbing:

Sprutcam provides the user with flexible options for roughing 2D and 3D geometries. X-parallel or contour-parallel can be set flexibly.

Deburring/chamfer milling:

The Z-constant finishing function is a popular contour finishing function. It can also be used as a Helix function.

Line-by-line milling :

The line-by-line milling function is used especially for finishing 3D bodies. The 3D model can be finished completely or in areas at any angle.

Automatic optimization of finishing:

This function automatically detects steep areas in the 3D model and processes them with the optimal function. A distinction is made between line-by-line milling and Z-constant.


Residual material:

In addition to the automatic residual material detection, the residual areas are displayed in colour at any time. The oversize per colour can be adjusted by the user .

Residual material via coordinate systems:

Sprutcam also detects residual material when you pan the layers. Material tracking always shows you the current status of your machined part.

Optimized finishing areas:

For both roughing and finishing, the system can automatically select the optimal strategy. This can be optimized by the user at any time.

Residual material

 In all strategies Sprutcam works at any time with an automatic residual material detection. There is no need to select a special function to mill residual material.

Finishing along surface:

 This function considers the direction of the surface normal. You can either work with or against the surface direction.

Finishing star-shaped:

The star-shaped finishing function is used for finishing 3D models from the center to the outer model area.