Turning up to 25 axes


In Sprutcam any facing operation with/without cycle support can be generated. Roughing and finishing cycles are supported.

Outside/inside roughing:

When roughing inside and outside contours, all cycles of the machine are supported. You can choose between X-parallel and contour-parallel.

Automatic drilling:

Sprutcam automatically detects drill diameter and drill depth. This allows the user to perform a drilling operation with just a few clicks.

Grooving / Cutting off:

Grooving is possible at any angle. Of course, the piercing or cut-off cycles of the control can also be used at this point.

Counter spindle:

Sprutcam supports machining on the main spindle as well as on the counter spindle. Thus MTM machines can be easily programmed and simulated.


Undercuts can be processed like other punctures. Both inside and outside recesses can be machined automatically.

Holder/panel management:

All holders and plates in the turning/milling area are managed and can be quickly entered via DIN codes. Numerous tools are already integrated.

Thread programming:

Sprutcam includes thread programming for any thread. Conical threads can also be programmed. Thread output can be carried out via cycles.

Support tailstock, steady rest, etc.:

Sprutcam offers the possibility to support any additional equipment on the machine. The additional commands are simulated 100%.

Automatic lathes:

Automatic lathes like Star or Citizen can be supported with Sprutcam. For example, sliding headstock automatic lathes are displayed completely and simulated realistically in the simulation.

Borehole detection:

As in milling, all holes in the part are automatically detected. The user can decide with which cycles he wants to machine the detected holes.

Complete machine simulation:

As in milling, the complete machine is displayed in the turning area and simulated with all collision areas.