The professional, reliable and
fully equipped CNC editor

CIMCO Edit is the latest version of the most popular CNC editor in the NC sector. With over 80,000 licenses granted in recent years, CIMCO Edit is the editor of choice for professional CNC programmers requiring a fully featured, reliable and affordable tool for professional editing and communication.

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Full-featured and fully equipped CNC editor


CIMCO Edit provides a comprehensive set of important editing tools to meet all requirements of a modern editor for CNC programs.
CIMCO Edit knows no program size limit and includes specific options for CNC coding such as NC block numbering/numbering, character handling and determination of axis limits in X, Y, Z. It can also be used to perform mathematical functions, including basic geometric functions such as rotation, mirroring, tool radius corrections and translational shifts. CIMCO Edit provides all the functions expected of an editor, including text editing using drag and drop. Best of all, CIMCO Edit is fully configurable and easily adaptable to any existing CNC program editing environment.


Faster Editing with the NC Wizard


The ‘NC Assistant’ makes editing NC programs faster and easier than ever before. Point to any M or G code and the NC Wizard will identify the code and allow you to modify the value with an interactive interface linked to the CNC code. Enter the desired values in any register and the NC Assistant will automatically update the CNC program.
The ‘Cycles/Macros’ tool allows you to quickly enter and edit complex cycles and sequences. CIMCO Edit contains macros and cycles for frequently used operations such as program start, program stop and tool change. You can also write your own macros and cycles for your frequently recurring basic programs or save frequently recurring NC blocks as cycles.



Graphical Simulation

The graphical simulation program ‘Backplot’ draws your 3-axis milling and 2-axis turning programs either forwards or backwards, step by step or continuously. Edit the CNC program and the update will be automatically reflected in the plot. Analyze the plot with dynamic zoom (ZOOM), shift (PAN), rotation (ROTATION) or measurement functions. CIMCO Edit 7 supports the visualization of NC-coded solid models including tool holder collision checking and the (red) marking of surface undersizes.



Intelligent file comparison

CIMCO Edit has a fast and fully configurable line to line file comparison that allows the user to quickly identify CNC program changes. The file comparison identifies changed and deleted/inserted lines, but ignores format changes such as NC block renumbering or inserting spaces. The differences can be shown line by line individually or all at once; page by page printing for offline verification is also possible.